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Japanese adult breastfeeding

Author information: While breastfeeding World Health Organization's Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative japanese increased breastfeeding duration and exclusivity, a survey found that only 8.

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Baby-friendly breastfeeding support is sometimes criticized as mother unfriendly. This study examined whether baby-friendly breastfeeding support was associated with breastfeeding satisfaction, duration, adult exclusivity among Japanese mothers. In this cross-sectional study, breastfeeding Japanese mothers completed questionnaires at their infants' 4-month health checkups at two wards in Yokohama, Japan; were included in the analysis.

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Breastfeeding association of baby-friendly support with maternal satisfaction was assessed using multiple linear regression, while the prevalence ratios PRs for breastfeeding were estimated using Poisson regression.

Mothers who experienced early skin-to-skin contact with their free nude exercise were more likely to report breastfeeding satisfaction than those who did not.

Among mothers without exclusive breastfeeding intention, those who were encouraged to feed on demand were more likely to be breastfeeding without adult at 1 month PR 2.

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Breastfeeding satisfaction was a useful measure of breastfeeding outcome. Early skin-to-skin contact and encouragement to feed on demand in the hospital japanese breastfeeding satisfaction.