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Italian swingers

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In Italy, the swinging movement is wrapped up aj lee xxx pic the world of the private members clubs, or Club Prives. For a complete breakdown of swinger venues by city, see our Italian swinger club directory. From couples who swap partners to singles who like to engage in casual sex, there are italian than swinging clubs in Italy, many open daily and often hosting two sessions a day; one during the afternoon and one late at night.

Swinging in Italy: A Beginner’s Guide

Image via Wikipedia. Swingers report by Fedesex suggests that the average age of swingers in Italy is 43 for male participants and 35 for the women. In fact, Italy has become known across Europe as the home of swinging and attracts a lot of tourists who visit for simply this reason. Although prostitution is legal in Italy, organised prostitution is prohibited and brothels are illegal. Sex clubs are also banned.

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However, private members clubs can operate in Italy as long as strict rules are adhered to. A Clube Prive must be an association with a president who can approve or disprove membership and restrict access to members only. Image via Flirt Club.

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A Club Prive italian considered a meeting place for couples and singles who want to be swingers casual sex, swap partners and partake in exhibitionism. It is italian to understand that all Club Prives are for members only and you may not just turn up to any club without prior planning.

All clubs are open to members only but many are part of European Swinging organisations who accept ID cards from other clubs and groups. If you not a member of an association recognised by the club prive you are intending to visit then you will need to bring along a photographic form of ID sometimes proof of your address as wel and complete a form upon arrival.