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Assholes and opinions, everyone's a saint I say don't discriminate Let's increase the hate Manipulating governments, The t. Kill, kill, assholes Kill the assholes! We're gonna rise, unite and turn the tide Join hungry the fight, kill the assholes tonight!

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Politicians, looking to get their pecker piped Jesus freaks killing in the name of human rights Ozone decay, what's the fucking deal Looking for a meteor assholes your unhappy meal Space ships, aliens, titanic sinks again Peace in the middle east When will the madness end? Our world is run by power hungry, selfish greedy pricks. When the toilet is full you flush down the waste And our toilet is full and is floating in space We're human waste floating in space Human waste.

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Kill The Assholes S. Hungry Of Death.

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Our world is run by power hungry, selfish greedy bibi jolie They want us to divide, unite and turn the tide Kill, kill, kill Kill the assholes!