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Code HotMovie's website. HotMovies offers tens of thousands of adult movies on their Roku channel. You can browse offer, titles in each of the categories: Hotmovies swinging sex movies find 26 genres, most of which also have 1, titles.

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Looking for offer specific title? The search feature will help you find it.

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During browsing and search, select a movie and you'll be given the option to save it for later. Not up for a full-length film? Titles also offer the option to view only select scenes. Additional features offered by HotMovies include parental controls set a PIN code must be entered to access the channel and a discrete channel see "How to Add HotMovies to your Roku" below. HotMovies is a pay-per minute service.

Watch Hot Movies Coupons & Deals

You purchase a batch of minutes, then hotmovies are deducted from your account for the time spent watching vidoes. You check the minutes left in your account at any time by selecting Account Information from the channel's main screen.

Note that "premium" movies are deducted at the rate of 1.