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Skip navigation. I'm JR, one of the founding members of girls wedgie community. The goal of this Patreon page is simple; offer a fantastic value to sponsors. Also, as a Patreon, you'll get messages from me on the platform letting you know about all of the upcoming videos and details including photos, teasers and behind the scenes info.

Types of Videos 1 Wedgie stories. Girls telling stories about getting wedgie wedgie, giving one or watching another girl get a wedgie.

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A story but ending with self-wedgies. No story, just amateur girls from all corners of the net giving themselves hard wedgies.

6 Girls Wedgie Fight -

Finding them is a labor of love. I got a referral from holyceleb model I work with.

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Her friend, Rebecca is studying videos be a nurse and was up to give herself some wedgies. For a preview of all newly added content view this page: