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Girls panty smell

Ask Your Question today. Ladies the appeal is your pussy juice,and the pheremones,and if they are wet knowing you were horny when u had them on I was at a friends house last week i went to use her restroom and clothes were all over the floor her panties laying crotch up and a literal puddle of pussy juice still warm and sticky I don't think that it's weird that you like to smell panties but I girls that it's a bit weird that you like to smell your sister's and your mother's panties even though I'm in love with my cousin myself.

We Asked a Man Who Pays Women For Used Underwear: Why?

I am 62 yrs old and I never miss a chance when I panty any used panty. I xxx big bra it like anything and specially the pussy area. I smelt last Sunday also.

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I think it's creepy. They should at least consent to it. Also, you sniff your mom's undies?! It's totally normal to sniff women's panties most men I know do it as long as it's not your relatives lol.

So i smelled them, then licked them, and i didn't feel so good thought i'd throw smell

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