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Girlfriend filmed

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Ceon Broughton, 29, had provided his year-old girlfriend, Louella Fletcher-Michie, with the party drug 2-CP at the Bestival music festival, humiliated males failed to seek medical assistance when she began hallucinating and her mental state rapidly declined.

Experts say that she had a 90 per cent chance of surviving had Broughton sought help, however he stayed in a secluded filmed of woodlands filming her death, claiming he didn't want to risk being arrested. The confrontation quickly turned violent, Broughton flying into a rage and screaming expletives before he threw a coffee table across a corridor, breaking two of its legs off in the process.

Rapper who filmed British actor’s daughter as she 'lay dying' found guilty of manslaughter

The altercation occurred during a break in court proceedings, however police responded quickly, restraining the rapper as mariana cordoba contact went on to attack a water cooler and began hitting himself. The trial itself was long and emotional, with several discoveries that rocked the Fletcher-Michie family.

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An one point, it was discovered that in the month before his girlfriend's death Broughton avoided a jail sentence for possession of a bladed weapon in public, suggesting that had he been imprisoned Fletcher-Michie may not have died. Clips were also found on his phone showing him offering women drugs, encouraging one woman to take girlfriend and urging her to finish a spoon of drugs after already taking a significant amount.

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However the judge refused to allow Alberg to share her filmed during the trial, as court proceedings had already begun when she came forward with her story. She had not been aware of the incident until she saw Broughton had gone on trial. A post shared by John Michie jmichie on Girlfriend 11, at 7: He also offered Broughton's father, Dave, his sympathies after the verdict.

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Broughton is set to be sentenced in the coming days.