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Often the matches have some technical skill to them, showing lots of wrestling expertise, no matter the scenario. Even nicer, the guys have a variety of bodies from slim to slightly huskyso if you want to see a guy with your proportions throw down with another dude, you can. Muscle Boy Wrestling is definitely the new kid on the block. They started earlier this year and only have a wrestling of videos.

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Some of their more recent ones actually happen in a bikni babes porn gay rather than a room filled with mats. Naked Kombat — brought to you by the pervs at Kink.

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The first round features the men in speedos; the second, in easily destroyed jockstraps; the third, naked. The winner from the first three rounds gets to decide what to do in a fourth sex round where no holds or holes are barred. Can-Am is somewhat similar to BG East, except all of the men are closer to the porn-star mold probably because their sites are more markedly sexual rather than just erotic.

Like BG, their gay erotic wrestling matches come in every flavor to savor: Fair warning: In fact, the choreography and over-acting makes it obvious that most of the men have never wrestled a day in their lives.