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Gay identity as a straight woman—but enjoy lesbian porn.

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So, if you identify as straight, why the attraction to same-sex porn? In fact, lots of women develop a healthy and consistent self-pleasure practice —aka a masturbation routine—from watching same-sex porn. Girl-on-girl porn could help you get there.

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It could signal the beginning of your journey into experimentation—in which case, relax and happy travels! Turns out, women tend to have more erotic plasticity.

In a study conducted at Northwestern University and the Center for Addiction poorn Mental Health, researchers found that straight women experienced arousal from both male gay female sexual stimuli straight men in the tia sweets were more aroused by female than male stimuli.

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In other words, women are just straight up no pun intended more receptive to various forms of sexual arousal than men. At the end of the day, what turns you on is what turns you on. Poorn your porn preferences—especially if you identify as a woman. Contact her at haleyswanson.

Straight Women Can Like Lesbian Porn Too

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