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I looked out my back fuckingmyneighbor and saw him. Gavin was playing catch with his dog and all I could lesbains porn about was the other night.

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My hand slid to my already throbbing pussy. My clothes were off and he was hard as a rock. He picked me up, I had my legs around him and he had me pinned against the side of the fuckingmyneighbor.

I could feel his heavy breathing in my ear as he was thrusting against me-not yet inside me but so close.

Fucking My Neighbor

I rubbed my pussy on his cock wanting so bad to just let him slip in. His fingers slid effortlessly inside me and he was surprised to feel that I was so incredibly wet. Just thinking about it made me want it again even though I know it was so wrong. We didn't have sex, but I wanted to.

Fucking My Neighbor's Dog by Cate Aria

My hand slipped down my shorts and I began playing with myself, eyes closed, imagining the pool encounter just days ago. I promised myself I'd keep myself in check with him. Yet I've never had such a strong sexual attraction to another fuckingmyneighbor in my life.