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Learn more. This drawback can be overcome by the use nanostructured hybrid particles that contain both a hard and soft phase.

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In this work, we demonstrate the use latex particles consisting of a soft core with a multilobed hard shell synthesized by seeded semicontinuous core polymerization with the aim of maximizing the interconnectivity of the hard phase in the resulting polymer film, thus generating films with improved mechanical properties. Films with gay outdoor sex porn minimum film formation temperature MFFT close to that of the soft phase are formed while obtaining a Young's modulus up to 4.

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The soft of free temperature on film morphology is also investigated, clearly demonstrating that a marked difference in mechanical properties is observed when a percolating network of the hard phase within the soft is obtained.

Figure S1 DSC curves for the different hybrid particles latexes during a the first heatung cycle and b the second heating cycle.

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Figure S3: Samples were stained free a vapor of RuO4 for 20 min before analysis. Figure S4: Samples were stained with a vapor of RuO 4 for 20 min before analysis.