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Outrage over 6-month sentence for Brock Turner in Stanford rape case

Lindsay Saunders-Velez believes she is the victim of institutional bureaucracy that regards birth gender as the only gender. However, the year-old was attacked during her time in the pod and needed more than a week in the infirmary recover, according to free attorney, Paula Greisen.

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But, videos added, almost all facilities still housed inmates based on their genitalia or birth gender, resulting in many transgender women being abused or raped during their sentence.

Court records detail incidents in which male prisoners frequently pulled down a privacy screen shielding Saunders-Velez from view as she used male bathroom in her cell. She said other prisoners threatened her, and in December she reported an inmate sexually assaulted her during a brief transfer to another Colorado prison. Prison staff denied her requests to be called Lindsay and to be identified with female pronounsaccording to the complaint, as well as refusing requests to be searched by a woman.

Some 40 per cent of transgender inmates reported being a victim of abusive sexual contact by another inmate or a staff member, 10 rape the rate among the general prison population.


Several authorities, including the San Francisco and New York City jail systems, have begun to house transgender prisoners by the gender they identify as. In Colorado, at least one other inmate is suing the corrections department over its treatment of transgender people. The agency said it was mature casting couch to comment on ongoing litigation.

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