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But they never end there. Within hours of the passage of the SESTA in late March, Reddit shut down its escort and sugar daddy communities; not long after, Craigslist deleted its personal ads.

Sex Workers Are Canaries In The Free Speech Coal Mine

Popular industry sites also reacted: The Erotic Review closed its U. Without traffic from Backpage.

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Internet who serve actual trafficked victims believe the only way to track them now no longer exists. This destruction of choices will likely widen the class division among mom granny porn workers and make it harder for those working on the street and in unsafe environments to move to more secure and better-paying models of work.

The ambiguously written bill creates what is in effect a special loophole to target the speech of sex workers within the sweeping legal protections given to online speech.

And because marginalized groups often act as Patient Zero for regressive new sex, it will be no surprise when this new approach to censorship eventually spreads across the internet.

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In particular, as Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, points free, internet startups will be stifled, as the cost of potential litigation would only be manageable for giants like Facebook and Google. Liara Roux, a sex worker and organizer focused on sex worker safety and queer issues, noted that social platforms like Twitter began silencing sex workers long before SESTA.