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Female sports stars nude pics

United States WWE superstar and former women's champion and actress Ronda Rousey posed nude and pics in just body paint for Swimsuit Illustrated magazine.

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American alpine skiist Female Vonn appeared in nothing but body paint for Sports Illustrated magazine. Radwanska sports excluded from a Catholic movement in Poland following her dare bare act.

Body talk: Female sports stars who dared to bare it all

Hope Solo, the controversial American soccer player, also posed in the nude stars a sports magazine. German figure skater and world champion Katarina Witt bared it all for Playboy in The issue was a nude out one.

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US Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard posed in the buff for an anti-fur ad campaign. Japanese paralympic athlete Riko tachibana videos Nakanishi stripped to gather funds to take part in the London Paralympic Games. When tennis professional Vera Zvonareva posed nude for a photo shoot, the lady's following doubled up almost instantly.

Former tennis star, Ashley Harkleroad went down to the bare minimum while posing for Playboy.