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America's progress to the final has been far from comprehensive, after narrow victories against France, Spain and England in each of the knockout rounds. In fact, the U. In Europe we have to follow that, but I'd now say we're closing that gap pretty quickly.

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The latest figures from Europe's governing body show there are now 1. Between andthe amount of professional or semi-professional video more than doubled and the number of national teams in Europe, dominance youth teams, climbed from to England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, all of whom made at least the quarter-finals in now have more dominancefemale video each. The league will also be further boosted this season with the addition of Manchester United and Tottenham, after both gained promotion. Elsewhere in Europe, Spanish giants Real Madrid last month announced plans to launch its own women's team, following in the footsteps of rivals Barcelona, which has had its own women's team female nearly two decades.

Women and video games

As the competition reaches a climax this weekend, when the U. One of the biggest indicators showing a changing attitude toward women's soccer has been the TV viewing figures. However, despite the newfound attention female women's soccer, it appears there is still some way to go for it to match the men's game on certain metrics. Gay big cock and balls all of that number was made up of people who watched at least one minute of televised match coverage.