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Faye reagan bio

Faye Reagan Girlfriends Films: Number of Scenes: Introducing ravishing redhead Faye Reagan; a fantastic former female porn star and mainstream model who took the adult film industry by storm between and So just how did Faye become such a fan-favorite porn star?

Faye comes from a close knit bio — she is the oldest sibling with two younger sisters and one younger brother. Faye and her family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, when she was just eight months old and she has always remained honest with them reagan her adult faye career choices.

Faye Reagan

When they eventually came out, they were actually kind of happy because I used to have a lot of piercings, like, in my face. I use to have my ears gauged and… I pretty japanese girl lesbian video had to take all that out when I started doing porn.

My mom was like, Oh!? And they were really happy. Faye discussed this pivotal moment in her life in her November Oyster Magazine interview.

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As Faye puts it in her own words. It was kind of circumstantial.

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I fell into it…I have really strict parents, especially as far as boys went. I had my first boyfriend when I was 18, and I wanted to go to his house, and wanted to hang out, and just be a regular kid, you know?