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Coffee enemas are believed to cause dilatation of bile ducts and excretion of bile enema the colon wall. Proponents of coffee videos claim that the cafestol videos in coffee enhances the activity of glutathione S-transferase, an enzyme that stimulates bile excretion.

During video capsule endoscopy VCEexcreted bile is one of the causes of poor preparation of the small jacking off pictures. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility and effect of coffee enema for preparation of the small bowel during VCE.

In this pilot study, 17 of 34 patients were assigned to the coffee enema plus polyethylene glycol PEG 2 Enema ingestion group, whereas the 17 remaining control patients received 2 L of PEG only.

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The quality of bowel preparation was evaluated in the two patient groups. Bowel preparations in the proximal segments of small bowel were not differ between two groups.

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In the mid and distal segments of the small intestine, bowel preparations tend to be better in patients who received coffee enemas plus PEG than in patients who received PEG only. The coffee enema group did not experience any complications or side effects. Coffee enemas may be a feasible option, and there were no clinically significant adverse events related to coffee enemas. More prospective randomized studies are warranted to improve small bowel preparation for VCE.

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