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Empty my balls


In the Middle Ages, men who wanted sons would sometimes have their left testicle chopped off because they thought the right testicle made male sperm, and the left made female.

And, in Roman times, men placed their right hand empty their balls before giving testimony in court, the reason being having testicles supposedly made them whole as opposed to women and eunuchs who were not allowed to testify. The testicles make million sperm every day. These boys, called castratiwere appreciated by classical composers such as Mozart and some became major celebrities. There are various theories on why men have external testicles — the most widely-believed being to do with the fact a cooler temperature improves sperm production.

It is thought to have been used so officials could check the sex of the new Pope and make sure he had both balls.

Empty his Balls -

The largest scrotum on record belonged balls year-old Wesley Warren, who died from a heart attack last year. Sex quiz: How good are you in bed?

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