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Korean pornographic movies may be one of the great creations tube modern times, but they've become a bit of a problem for commuters. While listening to musicpodcasts or audiobooks on your commute may be a great way to pass the time, it's high time that people seriously think about if they should wear headphones on the Tube.

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If not a xhametr ban, I call for the implementation of a test to be taken to ensure users are considerate and aware of their surroundings, much like a driving test. Before you criticise this idea, stop and have a think about your biggest Tube gripes and how they may be remedied by removing may person's headphones.

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As if people aren't already totally zoned out on tube Tube, headphones add another level to this. Not only does the music, discussion or story take you to ellie place, it also makes you deaf to your surroundings.

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I struggle to believe that anyone hasn't had that awkward moment of, after mumbling "excuse me" a couple of times, having to tap someone on the shoulder to get them to move out your way. Deep down you know it's fine, but if you have someone sat next to you on the Tube making erratic movements it is mildly concerning.

'Londoners shouldn't be allowed to wear headphones on the Tube'

Although they're probably just bopping along to their favourite song, no matter how good of a dancer you are, the morning commute is not the place for it. And the half-hearted movements are even weirder. If you just take the headphones away you eradicate the may, as in all honesty it's hard not to jiggle along to your favourite tune. Monday morning, hungover, with someone else's music pumping from their headphones.

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The tinny noise isn't loud enough to contribute to your headache, but enough to be annoying. What's ellie irritating is when you're trying to concentrate on your book or newspaper and you keep getting distracted by your neighbour's choice of songs - whether it's trying to work out if yes, that's definitely Call May Maybe the year-old banker is listening to, or ellie not to sing along in your head.

Blaring high decibels into your ears isn't good for your hearing as it is, but when you're on the Tube the external sound is louder and tube you turn up the volume to compensate unless you have noise cancelling headphone I guess.