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Edward penishands dvd

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Edward Penishands DVD

Edward Dvd Video Penishands door-to-door dildo saleswoman stumbles across Edward, and upon discovering the On voyeur hairy whim one day, my friends and I decided to hit up our local porn store. And while breezing through the boob filled isles, I came upon a number of incredibly unique and smile-inducing movie titles. Unfortunately this was probably over five years ago, so I'm forgetting a bunch of the other good ones.

But there is another I'll never forget.


Yep, Edward Penishands. Again unfortunately I was more in the mood for some serious straight laced porn, so I picked up New Wave Edward 7 instead.

I'd be a liar if I said not buying Edward Penishands that day is not one of the biggest mistakes I've made in my entire life. But low and behold, the Gods have smiled upon me and have shown me the way.