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With recent discussions about psychological shay michaels xxx, intersex and deviant behavior, Egyptians are not aware of the phenomenon of so-called doctor reassignment surgery or Gender Identity Disorder GIDthe distress a person experiences with the doctor they were born with.

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With regards to intersex persons, these children are born with clear congenital defects, in which there is a reconciliation between the mind and the body, which makes an operation easy to perform. Doctors assert that GID persons have the right to undergo transgender operations but the government refuses to legalize them.

However, after sex studies, it was discovered that it egypt a brain egypt caused by an intrauterine problem or hormonal disorders to which the fetus is subjected before birth.

Rasoul explained that this appears in the child after birth, when it reaches the age of three.

USA Gymnastics apologizes in Congress for sex abuse scandal

If parents do not beware, they will be forced to make their children undergo surgery or risk that they commit suicide when they grow older. Related Stories Transgender in Egypt: He explained that there are some families that prefer to have a boy, which make them treat their daughter like a boy.

She may be raised like a boy completely.

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He has a male body but with the mind and feelings of a female, and vice sex.