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Monday, January 17, Dimpy Mahajan is happy shooting for the upcoming reality game show 'Zor Ka Jhatka' for a cable channel in India but misses her hubby dearest very much. The show is going to be hosted by Dimpy Rukh Khan.

When Dimpy was asked about whether the song 'Zor Ka Jhatka' rings any bells of similarity for her, in real life, after getting married, the lady's comment was something that would leave most people flabbergasted.

Dimpy said that her marriage didn't give her a "jhatka".

Dimpy Mahajan Missing Her Hubby Rahul!

Well, it is not long ago that the media was taking pictures of her having bruises after her hubby dearest had beaten her up and she left Rahul's house. If mahajan abused in a marriage is not a "jhatka", people surely would love to know what is.

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So, while talking to mahajan media about being part of the show 'Zor Ka Jhatka', the lady says that one of the main reasons for getting into the reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was because of the name "Rahul". Dimpy is very nude in love with the name Rahul and the reason being Shah Rukh having that name in most of his films.

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So even though the girl is gearing up and preparing a speech to dimpy SRK when she meets him, Dimpy goes on to say that she will be tongue-tied. But she is happy to take part in the game show and be able to meet Shah Rukh in such close proximity; however, she just wishes Rahul would call her up more.

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