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Dude just to summarize what I think is the majority of the comments.

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She sounds so indoctrinated that like even if you try to get her to open up, who knows you might get like a BJ out of it doesn't sound like it but who knowsyou have to realize that a lifetime of conditioning will be set in motion in her mind that will make your life hell. Because she will think that all of a sudden she is going to hell for being human, that's mormon sexual repression.

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Topics like race and polygamy have been "adequately" explained away, so I don't think we'd get anywhere discussing those things. LDSdotOrg is mostly propaganda.

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II do wish you luck.

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I think you should start by having some very honest conversations. If she can see that YOU are what is important in the relationship, not what you or she believes, ya'll have a chance.

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