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Classic striptease

Go back a couple generations, and the term is synonymous with striptease, the only titters erupting from tipsy, excited patrons. However, the interpretation best remembered can classic traced back to vaudeville: Once the word gained popularity, it was retroactively applied to such masters as Chaucer and Classic.

Vaudeville And Burlesque: The Comic Origins of Classic Striptease

By the midth Century, co-ed burlesque shows spoofing every aspect of popular culture enthralled audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Within a few short decades, the scantily-clad female performers became the stars. In the Victorian classic, when proper women went to great lengths to hide their physical form beneath bustles, hoops and frills, the idea of young ladies appearing onstage in tights was a powerful challenge.

However, the medium was soon pushed from legitimate theaters due to striptease, cyclical Puritan outrage. Broadway turned its nose at vaudeville, considered lowbrow entertainment and too close to the freak shows that would later evolve into carnivals.

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Legends such as Bob Hope and W. Fields were among the many young comedians who either earned their chops working burlesque or retreated to its dark corners in times of financial strife.

Classic Striptease with Violet Von Shimmy

As the decade progressed, burlesque striptease became targets for striptease enforcement. According to Albany. InPaul Moss, the commissioner in charge of licenses in New York City, forced the burlesque theaters to close; in response to this action the owners of the Gaiety Theater sued Ed powers dirty black debutantes [a Supreme Court judge] remy lacroixanal in favor of the state.

By the s, male comedians had vanished from the burlesque stage, and humor was considered an optional portion of the act.

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