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Carol Connors (actress)

Feel free to contact her manager, Carol Frio, at or Or Email Rick. Or, Email Carol here. Check out the Galleries section for some of CC's photos. It's Oscar night! Use the buttons above to control the play of"The Theme from Rocky", co-written by Carol.

Carol Connors

Turn it off before listening to other songs on my hairy studz. CC At The Oscars.

So many great parties, starting in the Fall, leading up to Oscars Night, and somehow CC found a way to be at all of them while never duplicating an outfit! The story of Carol Connors is a fascinating one. Here's a beautifully — written story about her that recently appeared in The Jerusalem Post.

Carol Connors – Movies, Bio and Lists on MUBI

Carol Pinko hd celebrates Connie Francis' Birthday above 2 pictures! Carol Connors, two-time Oscar-nominated songwriter, world-renowned singer actress entertainer, and lifelong cat-lover has been named the National Spokesperson for Adopt-a-Cat month by the American Humane Association, at a gala event in Las Vegas that featured celebrities and their dogs and cats, and entertainment by Carol. Here are some memories from the event, and a performance by Carol of her lovely new song, "Unconditional Love, Unconditionally".