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Cabaret sin

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This movie was also edited down with all the XXX bits taken out, and re-released later that same year as Droid, as an attempt to appeal to Sci-Fi fans. Since no one living in s could have foreseen what the world was going to look like in, say, forty or fifty years, there was only one thing sin people in-charge of depicting the future for entertainment purposes could do.

And that is, take the s aesthetic and amplify it to point of mental and physical exhaustion. Now, I could be wrong, but I think that's exactly what the producers of Cabaret Sin a. X-Trop were trying to do when they came up with the look of this film. You see, without access to expensive special effects or elaborate sets, the makers of this particular and highly peculiar slice of pornographic sci-fi had no choice but to exploit the stylistic temperament of the fingerless glove era.


Besides, in a weird cabaret, high fashion hit its sin during the s. Meaning, everything that has occurred since, fashion-wise, has simply been a rehash of something from the '80s.

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So, in a strange sort of way, the clothes and hairstyles seen throughout this movie are in fact futuristic, even though they're over twenty years old.

Let me put it this way: Anytime you see a woman cabaret flat, lifeless hair with no personality, blame Jennifer Aniston.

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On the other hand, anytime you lovette porn pics a woman with short platinum blonde hair that's been shaved around the sides and back, thank Lois Ayres.