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Buy adult dvds online

It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary!

Adult DVDs

To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Buying dvds DVDs online April 6, 2: I don't want to risk throwing money at any shady, fly-by-night operation. When I say "good" I mean all the things you'd hope for from an online retailer-- broad selection, good customer service, reliable site adult, reasonable prices.

porn movies of 70s

You know, like Amazon, only for porn. Wouldn't you rather purchase them with cash in person so as not naughty black wives leave an embarrassing record which will come back to haunt online should you ever be nominated to the Supreme Court?

I, um, heard from a friend of a friend that Adult Video Universe was pretty good.

Adult Movies & TV Show

It's run by the same people as cduniverse. I have been well pleased with the service of TLA Video.


Bonus feature: You can compile a "wishlist" of desired titles to buy with your friends and family for birthdays or other gifting holidays. Of course I would, caddis, but I'm looking for an obscure '70s softcore title and no brick-and-mortar retailer around here has heard of it.

I gave up on any political ambitions years ago.