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Top Gear presenter Vintage bareback com Clarkson is facing new controversy after making more offensive comments about the prime minister, Gordon Brown, two weeks running in front of the hit BBC2 show's studio audience, MediaGuardian.

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson faces row over new Gordon Brown slurs

Clarkson, who previously had to apologise to the prime minister in February after calling him "a one-eyed Scottish idiot", is understood to have described Brown as a "cunt" in not-for-broadcast comments to the studio audience during the recording of this week's Top Gear programme on Wednesday night.

At the filming of the previous week's Top Gear, on Wednesday 15 July, Clarkson also called Brown a "cunt" as part of a joke he made in front of the studio audience, one person present told MediaGuardian. This remark was not included in the transmitted version of cunt show on Sunday, 19 July. The BBC2 controller, Janice Hadlow, was present at the second recording this Wednesday brown is said to have confronted Clarkson about the remark.

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A BBC spokeswoman confirmed that the pair had a "conversation", but said the issue was now over. In a further statement, the BBC said: After the recording, she and Jeremy had a discussion about the programme cunt controllers and presenters often do. Clarkson is currently in Belfast, where he is filming for Top Gear in the city's new sewer system.

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His manager had not returned calls before publication. During a press conference in February in Australia, Clarkson compared Brown adrina milano Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, after Rudd had brown addressed the country on the global financial crisis.

Poor man, he's actually seen the books. We have this one-eyed Scottish idiot who keeps telling us everything's fine and he's saved the world, and we know he's lying but he's smooth at telling us. Clarkson, whose Sunday Times columns are syndicated in the Weekend Australian, was referring to Brown, who lost his sight in one cunt in an accident playing rugby as a teenager.