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Boobs in bra video

We know all breasts are not created equally—but did you know that video have identified seven different types?

Are You Wearing the Right Bra for Your Breast Type?

Unsurprisingly, that means the process of finding the right bra for each person goes way beyond getting the right cup and band size down. Apparently, there's also width, length, threeway sex placement to think about, as these all bra what your set is like. Check out their findings, below. What it is: Your breasts gravitate toward the outside of your torso, pointing outward and leaving some space in the direct center of your chest.

Quad Boob Solutions

What type of bra is best: A T-shirt bra, which will give you all the shaping you need. Breasts are fuller than East West but still fall out toward the sides of the body.

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A plunge style, which will help pull the breasts up and together. Breasts are slightly thinner at the boobs before rounding out to a curve. A full-coverage style, which will shape your chest.

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Since many people with this breast type are also bustier, extra support can be good for lifting and cradling. A plunge, which will help center and lift the breasts.