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Bikini girl on dinosaur planet

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A pair dinosaur time traveling aliens find themselves on a strange rine himekawa, where the environment is exactly as it was millions of years ago on Earth.

While exploring this unique place, they stumble across three primitive babes Mundae and other softcore stars Ruby LaRocca and Lilly Tigerwho quickly engage the aliens in a steamy cave-lesbian love fest. But will the rampaging, stop-motion dinosaurs roaming the land interrupt their prehistoric passion?

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Seduction Cinema Factory I knew some crap would make it into the December viewing schedule. I just knew it would.

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet (Video ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet bikini qualifies. What I actually got was softcore porn with bits of awful CGI attached. The only dinosaurs shown are during a dreadful opening sequence featuring the worst animation planet the history of the world. I can only assume that was a gag because you couldn't do something like that intentionally.

Full Cast & Crew

Usually I complain that films don't have enough lesbian…. Weak tedium from Seduction Cinema with no effort to tell a story about prehistoric women in a land of flatulent dinosaurs with some terrible connecting material. It's just a flesh fest which gets very boring, and seems that way for the apathetic cast too.

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Admire the cover, avoid the movie - Misty Mundae isn't even in it girl much. And it does not last 2 hours 10 minutes as listed, it just feels that way.