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Big brown booty

Judy got a booty from here to there Make a nigga smile from ear to ear Order 3 more bottles of that belvedere Then I point her out like you come here.

"Big Booty Judy" lyrics

Booty sittin' higher than brown flight of stairs Some can make it clap Some really can't though Them Alabama girls said it's all in the ankles. Speakin' of ankles bent over and touch your toes And pop it and make it roll I'm lovin this angle Hah, I love this view that I'm lookin'at. Dress so elegant, ass like the elephant Shorty got me harder than I've booty been So I'mma give it to like a motherfucking veteran Barbie so sick so this dick be the medicine. Yeah, she make the xxx poran go crazy crazy And the way she move her body is amazin' amazin' Yeah, she got me goin' insane Booty I don't even really know her name.

Now, now, now Judy is her name I beat it out of frame She messin' with no bustas' or no suckers cause they lame.

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She drop it low and speed it up Other niggas squeezin' up 'Cause when they see that ass Tell like "damn what brown feedin' up". Her, her, her body so ridiculous I kiss it when she ticklish Big booty world record You can find it up in Guinness.

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And big, no, no it's not a gimmick Shawty she the truth And she got a big donk big donk Ayoo. I tell her hold this She got baby makin' hips So I big her pants down and gave her lingerie a kiss. Luda They call her big booty judy And she got the game wrapped up Fluff it like pancakes mixed down and stacked up She'll make you wanna flirt or make you stutter first.

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