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Big booty skinny jeans

How to Shop for Jeans That Make Your Butt Look Good

When you go shopping for jeans, one of the first things you do when trying on a pair is turn your back to skinny mirror, to check out your butt. But it can be a real challenge for many women to find the perfect pair of jeans to make their butt look nice. Whether you feel like you have a big butt, a droopy butt, or a pancake butt in jeans — or you're just not sure what style details to look for in the most flattering pair — we've put together this practical fashion guide to help you out.

Learn which jeans back pockets look cutest on different body shapesso you can more easily find that pair of "good butt" big that you'll want to wear every day.

How to Get Rid of a Big Butt to Fit Into Skinny Jeans

Get tips on looking slimmer when you wear jeans. Jeans girls can give their pancake butt an extra boost by choosing the right jeans back pockets. First, you'll probably want to avoid wearing baggy boyfriend jean styles, as their typically relaxed fit can have the effect of booty down a flatter behind.

Instead, choose a snugger-fitting denim styleto shape and lift your bottom. Another trick for looking more bootylicious is to choose jeans with flap-style back pockets that taper into a point. Flap pocket jeans will make your butt look more redtube lesbian teen by placing the emphasis on the top half of your rear end, where you need the most volume.