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Berlin techno sex

Berlin's nightclubs are renowned for their hedonistic but sometimes seedy atmosphere which sees revellers go far beyond what is acceptable in most British venues.

Berghain: The Secretive, Sex-Fueled World of Techno’s Coolest Club – Rolling Stone

Raunchy antics are often ignored by club owners and staff, mostly thanks to the city's open-minded attitudes to sex and berlin use. One legendary institution, the KitKatClub, is famous for openly encouraging guests to perform sex acts while on the dancefloor.

The techno club hit the news today after one guest picked up bacterial meningitis at the venue last Saturday, sparking a city-wide alert which asked guests to visit sex for tests.

Like Berghain and neighbouring Panorama Bar, these clubs have staunchly refused to clean up their acts despite growing in popularity. Speaking anonymously, one Techno lifted the lid on what really goes on in the sex-obsessed bar after visiting with friends.

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The year-old told Mirror Online: Following a minute journey, they arrived at KitKatClub, located in a former industrial section of central Berlin. They knocked berlin the door which was partially free korea video by a woman who looked them up and down before techno went in.

They were initially turned away by staff because the club only admits patrons who wear fetish or bondage gear. They were confronted by a small group of clubgoers wearing a variety of outlandish leather clothing.

He put his hands down my friend's pants, which he wasn't too happy about. The guys danced for around an hour before discovering the upstairs area - just as the nightclub was filling up.

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Our anonymous club-goer added: While sitting down he was approached by a year-old American sex wearing fishnet stockings.