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The spring pictures was a time for dreamers. Only he wanted the world to see him stick his penis in his mouth. Out of autofellatio over 3. Jiffman wanted to be the guy in that photo.

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When people looked up autofellatio, he wanted them to see him doing pictures. There are videos of men masturbating, animated GIFs of men ejaculating, and photos of people fellating one other. Male reproductive system and Category: Jiffman seems like a normal guy.

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According to his posts, which may be accurate self-documentation or mere fantasies, he has a long history. As online autofellatio came to the fore, Jiffman began to post movies of himself on amateur porn sites, and he finally found his niche: The videos were well praised, and Jiffman put a great deal of effort into capturing himself from different angles.

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Like all great American pioneers, Jiffman dared to have big ambitions. He wanted to be the definition of having your dick in your mouth.

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