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Annular dark-field imaging

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Diffractive imaging, in which image-forming optics are replaced by an inverse computation using scattered intensity data, could, in principle, realize wavelength-scale resolution in a transmission electron microscope. However, dark date all implementations of this approach have suffered from various experimental restrictions.

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Our method, called electron ptychography, has no fundamental angle boundaries: Inonly 3 years after its invention, Scherzer showed that transmission electron microscopy TEM would not be able to reach wavelength-limited resolution which is possible in faketaxi com hd microscopyby a disheartening factor of aboutbecause round magnetic lenses, constrained by the possible configurations of the focusing magnetic field, inevitably have gross aberrations 1. Inhe was lilushandjobs the first to point out that a non-round lens, composed, say, of a number of quadrupoles or sextupoles, could in principle compensate for aberrations 2.