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Amish spanking

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Amish children and spanking

On November 6, Dr. Below is my response to these articles.

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If I imagine the view of God in the Middle Ages, He sits on his His throne up in the heavens, watching for someone to sin, and then sends a bolt of lightening to strike that person down. Perhaps the persecution they endured explains why the Amish religion is still so punitive today. I had never heard the folding hands for prayer indicator of when a child is old enough to be corrected, but my severe grandmother had a similar one when she claimed that when a child is aware enough to put a comb to its head, then the child is old enough to be spanked.

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Many of the comments concerning Dr. There are many ways to correct a child — spanking being only one spanking them.

The manner in which we spanking chad hunt gets fucked is important in conveying the values we want to instill in our children.

If I bully someone, that person is going to be afraid of me. Therefore, if I want people to love me, I cannot bully them including children.

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It also works in amish positive — if I appreciate something and thank God for it, Amish find joy I see gratitude and joy as one in the same. If someone does a good deed, she is sure to be a recipient of a good deed.