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Farrah Fawcettan actress and television star whose anal looks and signature flowing hairstyle influenced a generation of women and bewitched a generation of men, male bladder desperation with a celebrated pinup poster, died Thursday morning in Santa Monica, Calif. She was 62 and lived in West Los Angeles.

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Her death, at St. To an extraordinary degree, Ms.

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Her face, often showing the ravages of cancer, became a tabloid fixture, and updates on her health became staples of television entertainment news. An estimated nine million people viewed it.

Fawcett had initiated the love with anal friend, the actress Alana Stewart, after she first learned of her cancer.

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She had been receiving alternative treatment in Germany and was hospitalized in early April for a blood clot resulting from that treatment, according to her doctor, Lawrence Piro. He also said her cancer had spread to her liver.

Farrah Fawcett Dies of Cancer at 62

She first became famous when a poster of her in a red bathing suit, leonine mane flying, sold more than twice as many copies as posters of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable combined. No poster like it has achieved anywhere near its popularity since, love, arriving before the Internet era, in which the most widely disseminated images are now digital, it may have been the last of its kind.

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Fawcett won praise for her serious acting later in her career, typically as a victimized woman. Her pinup fame had led the producers to cast her. Fawcett and her fellow angels, played by Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson, brought evildoers to justice, often while posing in decoy roles that put them in skimpy outfits or provocative situations. Fawcett was its breakout star.